AMARESH K RAI is a consultant specialise in the business and marketing professional services that provide customers with high-quality consulting services for business development, management and marketing consultancy. Rai's exclusive services help the business founders to choose the best product through target market research and competitive analysis.

Moreover, He provides complete packages of consultation which includes solutions, constrictive advice and opinion on different business related matters.

Professional Business Research

We can complete any research processes required as input to your strategic plan. This includes market, customer and competitor research. With our extensive research experience and vast resources, we will work with you to determine what information is meaningful to your business.

Business Exploratory Visit

Business Exploratory visits allow you to identify and assess potential business opportunities as well as to experience India’s quality of life. With local network and experience we have had in New Delhi and towns around, we are very pleasant to help you understand the insights of the business and investment opportunities available in India.

Business StartUp Consulting

We can accelerate your business in the local market. We offer services ranging from business coaching in the initial stages of your startup to streamlining for operational and administrative practices and stimulating growth. We help startups get ready to attract investment, then bring together the right concepts with the right investors. We always consider each startup’s unique situation when defining business, operations and investment goals.

Business Plan Development

Our experts assist you in creating a sustainable business model. We will help quantify every aspect of your business and plan your next moves. We can provide research and develop business plans for gowing businesses looking for capital.

International Business

Expanding your business internationally means adding multiple levels of complexity to your existing operations. Cultural differences, currency risk, seemingly endless and irrational government regulations -- these are just a few of the issues you will have to deal with. Whether you are looking for a full international marketing, finance or business plan, or just need help sorting out your international strategies and operations, we'd like to talk to you about how we can best help you meet your goals.


We can assist clients to fill the vacancies within their companies. Our recruiters are dedicated to particular practice areas and can respond to specific markets. We build strong connections, source locally and nationally. We has proven strategies that assist empolyers in obtaining foreig workers when they are required.

Business Purchases

Our team of professionals who has commercial licence can help clients purchases business in different industy.