AMARESH K RAI provides market intelligence services that helps your market research and strategic planning resources (time, money and people) , and allow you to focus on your core business. He assist you in the utilization of best market intelligence for greater business gain and we do it faster, better and cheaper.

Corporates and individuals uses Rai's intelligence reports/consultancy to make key strategic business and marketing decisions. His clients have strong conviction in him for their research requirements since he know their industry, dedicate ample time to understand their business challenges, and the receptiveness of his expertise makes the research proceeds seamless.

  Aerospace & Defense
  Chemical & Materials
  Composites & Advanced Materials
  Construction & Industrial
  Consumer and Retail
  Economic Analysis
  Energy & Mining
  Finance & Services
  Food & Beverage
  Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Medical Devices
  Semiconductor & Electronics
  Technology & Telecommunication